Tapeulator: Measure Twice, Math Once

Need to do math on a measurement? Skip a lot of steps with Tapeulator: Tape Measure Calculator. Featured by Crate and Barrel magazine.


woodworking made easy

Take the guesswork out dividing a board cut evenly, or adding together two measurements

simplify pipe cutting

Our customers are in professions where cutting pipe is an everyday activity, and they love Tapeulator!

perfect for wall decor

Spacing out new wall decor in your home? Measurement math can be a pain to deal with. Not with Tapeulator!

How do you skip steps by using Tapeulator?

If you've ever tried centering something on a wall that's 57 7/16", or cut an 83 1/4" board into 3rds, the measurement math can make your head spin. Just open up Tapeualtor, enter your calculation, and the answer shows right on a tape!

"I'm a cabinet maker and I use it all the time it save tame and mistakes. I highly recommend it!"

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